olivera cervera

The recovered olive tree from Cervera del Maestre, Best Monumental Olive Tree in Spain 2024

The olive tree belongs to the Farga variety and is located in Cervera del Maestre (in the Valencian part of the Sénia Territory). It reaches a trunk perimeter of 695 cm at a height of 80 centimetres from the ground, thus representing one of the largest trees in the area. It is approximately 1,100 to 1,200 years old.

This olive tree was abandoned for years, but after the recovery of olive trees in the Sénia Territory (promoted by the Mancomunitat and the Association) and with the collaboration of the City Council, in 2019 it began to be recovered and put into production, serving for agricultural, environmental, tourist, cultural and leisure purposes.



The candidacy has been presented jointly by the owner, the Cayac - Maestrazgo Foundation (whose secretary is the Mayor of Cervera, Adolf Sanmartín), the Mancommunity Taula del Sénia and the Association Territory Sénia.


Cervera del Maestre, located in the Baix Maestrat region, has a total of 219 thousand-year-old olive trees, this being one of the most spectacular examples in terms of its size, its estimated age and its aesthetic, historical and cultural interest. This olive tree is located on top of a small hill, overlooking the village and the medieval castle of Cervera del Maestre. The origin of this olive tree coincides (10th century) with the era of the Muslim rule which explains its cultural and historical value, given that from its privileged position it has seen the passing of all civilizations.


In addition to the guided tours and a wide range of activities that take place throughout the year, it is worth mentioning that on the occasion of the "Jornades del Molí de l'Oli" of Cervera, in 2021, 2022 and 2023, in addition to the events that take place in the historic mill, a visit is organized to this olive tree, where a classical music concert is performed in its shade, in a natural amphitheatre of straw bales, followed by a gastronomic tasting for the participants.