Godall, located in the heart of the Montsià region, is situated on the slopes of the mountain of the same name. With a markedly Mediterranean character, the Sierra of Godall has areas of great beauty. The town's economy is based on agriculture, with a strong emphasis on the cultivation of olive trees. A total of 146 Millenary Olive Trees have been inventoried, most of which are concentrated in the areas of Moralles, Mas de Merades, Pla del Rei, Pou Figuera and Fosquets.

2 km from the town and next to the TV-3313 road from Godall to Ulldecona, in a property owned by Alexis Albiol, after an agreement was signed between the owner and the town council in collaboration with the Mancomunidad Taula del Sénia and the cooperative, an area has been set up where the largest olive tree in the municipality is located, which measures 7 m in trunk perimeter at 1.30m from the ground and which according to dating of the Polytechnical University of Madrid was planted in the year 1018 A.D. and where, in addition to visits, also cultural and festive activities are organized.

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