A tour of millenary olive trees and the Godall oil mill

Atardece en un campo de olivos milenarios
Millenary olive trees Route
Sénia Territory



A tour of millenary olive trees and the Godall oil mill


Enjoy an enriching olive tree experience through a visit to a working mill to learn all about the process of making olive oil. The activity concludes with a snack prepared with typical products from the area.


-A guided tour of the millenary olive trees in Godall.
-A visit to Godall’s olive oil mill.
-A guided tasting of millenary and single-varietal olive oils that are native to the area.
-A traditional snack made with local Godall products.


-Visits will take place on Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. with prior reservation (please book 48 hours in advance).
-Price for a group of 10 people: 5€ / person.
-Languages: Catalan and Spanish.

10€ per person 2 hours

SEASON: From October to April.

Telephone: 977 73 8126

resource email: oligodall@gmail.com

resource address:

COOPERATIVA DE GODALL  www.olidegodall.es


Visita a los olivos milenarios y al molino de aceite de Godall

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