The fertile lands of Alcanar, located in the very south of Catalonia, next to the river Sénia, have been cultivated since very ancient times. A testimony of this exploitation can be found in the Iberian village of la Moleta del Remei, located close to the hermitage of the same name which was surrounded by olive trees that were the most important crop of the town for centuries.

Nowadays Alcanar's area is almost exclusively planted of citrus trees and only 10 Millenary Olive Trees remained, 7 of which are in a municipal estate situated between the Remei chapel and the Iberian village of la Moleta, which stay both of which are thus enriched by the presence of these olive trees whose silhouettes and shapes embellish the surroundings, the landscape and also the pictures.  The town council and the Mancomunidad Taula del Sénia set up this area to be freely visited. The access to Alcanar's Area is at the TP-3318 road from Alcanar to Ulldecona, at about 500 m distance and next to the Remei hermitage.


Partida del Remei, 273

43530 Alcanar (Tarragona)

Área de Alcanar

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