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Scallop and prawn salad with vinaigrette and Farga Milenaria olive oil coating

2 prawns | 1 scallop | 100 ml of vinegar | 10 g vegetable gelatin | salt | assorted lettuces | Farga Milenaria
olive oil


  • Put two glasses of Farga Milenaria olive oil and a glass of vinegar in a saucepan, heat it until it boils, and then add the prawns and the scallop to make the marinade.
  • When they are already pickled, leave them to cool. Then slice the scallop and prawns into and assemble them in layers making a timbale.
  • Mix the Farga Milenaria olive oil with the vegetable gelatin and paint the shrimp and scallop timbale to make the coating. Put it in the fridge to compact. Then assemble the plate with the scallop and prawn timbale and the mixed lettuces.

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