Olive trees in Benicarló


Benicarló is located next to the Mediterranean Sea, in the region of the Baix Maestrat, and has been known since the times of the Arabs for its agricultural wealth, its vegetable gardens and its "cenias" (a special hydraulic machine). The Ilercavones, from El Puig de la Nau, already established trade with the Phoenicians and Greeks who most likely brought the olive trees to this territory. Its great agricultural wealth today lies in market gardening: artichokes and citrus fruits, but in the dry land areas there are still olive, carob trees and almond trees.

The total number of Millenary Olive Trees inventoried in Benicarló is 27 and they are fairly located in the Puig, Sotà and Bovalar areas, but widely spread  over various estates. For this reason, no specific "area" has been allocated like in other towns, but the town council and the Mancomunidad of the Taula del Sénia wanted to bear testimony to the existence of Millenary Olive Trees in Benicarló by placing two information panels posters near where the olive trees are located, one in Sant Gregori's hermitage and another one in the Baseta del Bovalar.


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Plaça Constitució, 12580

Benicarló, Castellón