Millenary olive trees in Vinaròs


Vinaròs, which is located in a great plain close to the Mediterranean sea, in the north of the Comunitat Valenciana touching to the river Sénia, has a wide municipal area with different landscapes, from orchards to dry lands. The ancient settlements show the presence of the first settlers in Puig de la Ermita and that olive growing was a very important factor for the local economy over centuries, of which nowadays still remain some zones of olive groves, with a total of 26 Millenary Olive Trees in the whole municipal area.

Close to the Iberian settlement of Puig de la Ermita and within the estates of municipal property in the surroundings of the hermitage of the Misericòrdia still remain 3 specimens of Millenary Olive Trees, fully integrated in an environment of pines, bushes and dry stone walls. Thanks to the Town Council and the Mancomunidad Taula del Sénia signs were put up forming an area that can be visited on the way to Hermitage or  the Iberian settlement.

The access is by the municipal road that goes to the Hermitage of the Misericòrdia.


Camino Ermita, 35,

12500 Vinaròs, Castellón

Área de Vinaròs

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