Càlig, in the Baix Maestrat region, lies in the north of the Region of Valencia. Within its municipal boundaries, it is home of a rich natural, cultural and landscape heritage, where, despite of the recent changes in cultivation, there is still a large number of olive farms. Among them, it is worth highlighting the existence of 56 Millenary Olive Trees inventoried, especially in the Pou Bonet, Pedralta, Crevetes, Solanes and Cabanils areas.

Leaving the town on the road that goes to the hermitage of "El Socors" (where they coexist with other centenary trees: European nettle trees, elms and carob trees), there is an estate of olive trees belonging to the Conesa Sanz family, which after signing an agreement with the town council and the Mancomunidad of the Taula del Sénia, has been set up and marked an area of Millenary Olive Trees. Although there are several specimens, the two most spectacular ones have been marked and one of them reaches a trunk perimenter of 6.35 m at 1.30m from the ground.

Área de Càlig

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