Traiguera, located in the north of the Valencian Community, in the region of the Baix Maestrat, has a large number of olive trees on its territory, some of which were planted by the Romans and are concentrated around the ancient Roman Via Augusta as it passes through the municipality. Currently there are 589 specimens inscribed in the Inventory of millenary olive trees of the Sénia Territory, mainly in Freginals, Albagues, Pla d'en Bord, Mas de la Sansa, Vilagrossos, Basqueres, Mas de Caperó and la Castella.

On the way out of the village and next to the road that leads to the sanctuary of the Font de la Salut, there is a property, owned by Arturo Vallés, who after signing an agreement with the town council and the Mancomunidad of the Taula del Sénia, has been set up and marked as an area of Millenary Olive Trees. There are 6 specimens on the estate, but only the 4 most spectacular ones have been marked. The largest of them, no. 3'841 according to the dating of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, was planted in 971 A.D.

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