Restaurant Venta de la Punta

Santa Bàrbara

Creamy rice with thrushes and their giblets

4 clean thrushes | clean thrush giblets | marisma or bomba rice | garlic, onion and tomato | laurel,
rosemary and thyme | salt and pepper | poultry stock | rancid wine | Farga Milenaria olive oil


  • Sauté the thrushes and garlic in a saucepan with Farga Milenaria olive oil and set aside. In the same oil, make a sauce with the onion, garlic and tomato over low heat. Then, add the poultry stock
    and the aromatic herbs and leave it to reduce. Set aside over low heat.
  • In another pan, add Farga Milenaria olive oil and sauté the rice. Then add some rancid wine and allow the alcohol to evaporate. Once it has reduced, add the poultry stock from the other pan, little by little, as it reduces.
  • Meanwhile, sauté the giblets with garlic and Farga Milenaria olive oil to flavour them and add them later to the rice, when it is almost done, to make it creamy. 
  • Finally, when the creamy rice is ready, add the thrush meat, previously shredded.

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Restaurante Venta de la Punta

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