Museu de l'Arión: an open-air museum


Ulldecona lies in the very south of Catalonia, in the region of the Montsià and close to the river Sénia. In its extensive territory (126,8km ²) there are 1,379 Millenary Olive Trees which makes it the municipality with the largest number of millenary olive trees in the world. Although some specimens are also in lower areas, the vast majority are located in the slopes of the Montsià and Godall mountains.

In the Arión, near the neighborhood of the Miliana, there is one of the largest concentrations of these olive trees and for this reason, an agreement was signed between the family Porta i Ferré (of La Galera, where they have their own mill in which they elaborate oils) and Ulldecona's town hall who take care of all the tourist visits. Subsequently, with the support of the Mancomunidad Taula del Sénia and other institutions, the area got clearly signposted and prepared to realize guided tours.

Although there are many more specimens in the estate as a whole, in the zone prepared for the visits, the so called "fondo del Arión" there are 35 millenary olive trees in just 1.3 hectares, some of them are very special. There are guided tours scheduled for some days of the week, but visits can also be organized on other days and even combined with other activities upon request (please contact the Tourist Office for any related questions or booking of visits).

From the parking area (also suitable for coaches), there is a guided walking tour open to everyone and available in different languages, explaining the history of the estate and the name of Arión as well as aspects of the surroundings, the landscape and the environment.

Even if there are several very characteristic and photogenic specimens like for example: "the bride and the groom" ("el de los novios"), "the well" ("el del pozo"), the biggest attraction waits at the end of the visit with the Farga of the Arión which is the biggest olive tree of Catalonia and that received the prize AEMO (the Spanish Association of Olive Producing Municipalities) for the best monumental olive tree of Spain in 2006. According to the dating of the Polytechnic University of Madrid this tree was planted in 314 A.D. and with its 1,705 years it is the oldest scientifically dated olive tree in the world.

At the end of the tour there is a tasting of olive oils that can also be bought directly on the spot.  There are also packs available to complete the visit with a meal in one of the Michelin Star restaurants. 

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