Museu de l'Arión: an open-air museum

Atardece en un campo de olivos milenarios
Millenary olive trees Route
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Museu de l'Arión: an open-air museum

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Ulldecona is in the south of Catalonia, in the region of the Montsià and close to the river Sénia. The Ulldecona municipality (126,8 km ²) it has the largest number of millenary olive trees in the world,1.379. Though there are some specimens also in the flat area, the great majority they are located in the hillsides of the saws of Montsià and of Godall.

In the Arión, near the neighborhood of the Miliana, there is one of the major concentrations of these olive trees and by it an agreement was signed between the family Porta i Ferre (of the Galera, where they have an own mill in which they elaborate oils) and Ulldecona's town hall, which one entrusts and organizes all the tourist visits. Later, with the participation of the union Taula del Sénia and other institutions, was put up signs and conditioned a space to realize guided tours.

Though in the set of the estate there are many specimens, in the zone 'el fondo del Arion' in only 1,3 hectares there are 35 millenary olive trees and some of them are very special. There are guided tours for some days of the week, but they can be requested other days and even more packaging with other activities.

Though there are diverse very typical and photogenic  specimens: “el de los novios”, “el del pozo”, the great attraction is at the end of the visit and is " farga of the Arión " that, it is the major olive tree of Catalonia, which received the prize AEMO (the Spanish Association of Olive Producing Municipalities)to the best monumental olive tree of Spain in 2006. This one was planted in 314 AD.

The tourist office organises guided tours:

Telephone: 619770869

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Passeig de l’Estació, 6, 43550 Ulldecona

Turismo Ulldecona 

Museo natural Olivos Milenarios del Arión

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