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Millenary olive trees itineraries


Itinerary 1: Freginals - Sant Carles de la Ràpita - Ulldecona - Alcanar

Freginals to Ulldecona

Departure from Freginals (interpretation center of the Serra del Montsià) or from Ulldecona (tourist information center). It goes along the Foia de Ulldecona, between the Montsià and Godall mountain ranges, in a landscape full of olive trees and dry stone constructions.

Total length: 15 km. Average elevation difference: 75 m. Duration of the walk: 3 h. Difficulty: low.


Cocó de Jordi (Sant Carles de la Ràpita) to 'punto A'

Departure from Cocó de Jordi, at the foot of the Sierra del Montsià. The access is from the N-340, between kilometers 1072 and 1073. The highest parts of the route offer privileged views of the Delta del Ebro, the foya of Ulldecona and the Sierra de Godall.

Total length: 6,5 km. Average elevation difference: 450 m. Duration of the walk: 2 h. Difficulty: medium.


Ermita del Remei (Alcanar) to 'punto B'

The chapel of Remei can be reached the TP-3318 road, between kilometers 4 and 5. You will find the area of ​​millenary olive trees of Alcanar and also the Iberian village la "Moleta del Remei". At the end of the route, you will pass through another Iberian village called "La Ferradura".

Total length: 7 km. Average elevation difference: 245 m. Duration of the walk: 2 h. Difficulty: medium.

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Itinerary 2: Santa Bàrbara - La Galera - Godall - Arión (Ulldecona)

Departure from Santa Bàrbara (Museum of Life in La Plana) or from the Arión museum of millenary olive trees (TV-3314 road between kilometers 6 and 7). You will cross the plain of La Galera and its extensive olive groves.

Total length: 18 km. Average elevation difference: 190 m. Duration of the walk: 3,5 h. Difficulty: low.

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Itinerary 3: Mas de Barberans - La Sénia

Departure from Mas de Barberans (restaurants square or Pauma museum) or from La Sénia (visitors' center of Parc Natural dels Ports). You will enjoy stunning views of the sea of ​​olive trees and you can visit the area of ​​millenary olive trees of La Sénia.

Total length: 18 km. Average elevation difference: 205 m. Duration of the walk: 3,5 h. Difficulty: low.

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