Restaurant Lo Paseo


Roasted tomato + sardines in casco + tender garlic


12 hanging tomatoes | 6 sardines | 6 green garlic shots | 10 g of Glicemul | anchovy garum | Farga Milenaria olive oil


  • Roast the hanging tomatoes and keep them whole. Remove the skin and preserve them with anchovy garum and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Heat 50 ml of Farga Milenaria olive oil with 10 g of Glicemul, let it melt and, once it is off the heat and has cooled down, add another 50 ml of Farga Milenaria olive oil. Finally, drain the tomatoes, bathe them in this oil and keep them in the fridge.
  • Clean the sardines from the bones and scales. Fry them in the pan and keep some of them for decoration. Prepare an emulsion for a vinaigrette with the remaining sardines together with the preserved tomato oil. Finish with some sweet garlic marked in the pan.


  • Put the tomatoes on the plate and on top of each one add a dressing of spring garlic and warm sardines. Finish with the tomato and sardine vinaigrette. It is recommended to serve the dish warm.

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