Oleotourism with a Michelin star


An immersion in the fascinating history of Millenary Olive Oil, starting with a tour of the Via Augusta—a major Roman communication route—and continuing with a visit to the Millenary Olive Trees of Arión, where La Farga is located (the world’s oldest olive tree, planted by the Romans), followed by an olive oil tasting and ending with a tasting menu in a Michelin Star restaurant.


  • An explanation of the manufacturing processes of a traditional oil mill at the tourist office in Ulldecona.
  • A detailed tour of the Roman Via Augusta.
  • A complete tour through Arión: its majestic trees, dry stone walls and constructions. Special focus on La Farga, the oldest olive tree in the world.
  • An olive oil tasting.
  • Lunch tasting menu with olive oil in one of the two restaurants with a Michelin Star in Ulldecona: Les Moles or Antic Molí.


  • The activity starts at 11:00 am at the Ulldecona Tourist Office or at 11:30 am at Conficon, Plaza Paiolet (Tortosa).
  • The activity is offered in Catalan, Spanish, English and French.
  • Reservations must be made and confirmed in advance (minimum 4 people).


15€ per person (visit) + lunch price to be confirmed depending on the restaurant chosen. Half a day

SEASON: All year round (on Sundays minimum 5 people).

Telephone: 653 937 204 | 977 443 174



C/ Pintor Gimeno, 1

43500 Tortosa


Oleoturismo con estrella

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