Atardece en un campo de olivos milenarios
Millenary olive trees Route
Sénia Territory




Castellón Mediterráneo

Rossell is situated to the right of the Sénia river, with the Cervol river and the high mountains of the Tinença de Benifassà as limits. From la Pena de Bel, Rossell extends an entire carpet along a large and majestic plain in which the olive trees obtain their maximum prominence and for this reason, it is known as "the sea of olive trees". The Romans probably planted some of them and, after all the civilizations cultivated them, they can still be admired today. In total 71 millenary olive trees have been inventoried, most of which are concentrated in the Fornera, Mas Sabatero, Mas de la Viuda and Singüeses areas.

Mas Sabatero area is located at 5.5 km from the town. Its owner, Santiago Fonollosa, after signing an agreement with the town council and the Commonwealth of the Taula del Sénia, has authorized the signposting of the way and the entrance of the estate so it can be visited, but asking people to be respectful with the olive trees and with the estate.

Área de Rossell

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