Millenary olive trees in the Vinaròs municipality

Atardece en un campo de olivos milenarios
Millenary olive trees Route
Sénia Territory



Millenary olive trees in the Vinaròs municipality

Castellón Mediterráneo

Vinaròs placed in a great plain together close to the sea Mediterranean and in the north of the Comunitat Valenciana touching to the river Sénia, has a wide municipal area with a diversity of landscapes. The former accessions demonstrate the presence of the first settlers in 'puig de la ermita' and that the olive growing supposed for centuries an economic potential, of which nowadays still remain some zones of olive groves, with a total of 26 millenary olive trees in the whole municipal area.

From there and near the Iberian settlement of 'puig de la ermita' and inside the estates of municipal property of the surroundings of the hermitage of the Misericordia still remain 3 specimens of  millenary olive trees, fullly integrated to an environment of pines, bushes and stone its dries, thanks to the town hall and the mancomunitat Taula del Sénia was put up signs, forming an Area that can be visited when it goes away to the hermitage or to the Iberian settlement. The access is for the municipal way that goes to the hermitage of the Misericordia.

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