Gazing down on millenary olive trees

Atardece en un campo de olivos milenarios
Millenary olive trees Route
Sénia Territory



Gazing down on millenary olive trees

Canet lo Roig

The Sant Pere (or Solà) mountain range stretches to the east and south of Canet lo Roig and, from there, you can see a good part of the historic Maestrazgo region of Castellón: natural parks, rivers, villages, cities, the Mediterranean Sea and, of course, our very own sea of olive trees. After passing the Roca fountain and crossing the ravine, we will climb to the top of Solà and travel across the peaks of this small mountain range.


-A natural and cultural guide/interpreter to lead the activity.
-A high-quality photographic report.
-Accident and civil liability insurance.

* It is also possible to include a snack prepared with local products, a guided tasting of millenary and single-varietal olive oil, a visit to a local wine cellar or a guided tour of the royal sanctuary Virgen de la Fuente de la Salud in Traiguera.


-The bike route has a moderate level of difficulty (approx. 14.5 km).
-Group of 10 people minimum.
-Languages: Catalan, Valencian, Spanish and English.
-They are also organised on specific dates that are scheduled together with Canet lo Roig. Contact us for details.

 250€ group      6h

SEASON: Spring, fall and winter.

Telephone: 611 49 60 58

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Los olivos milenarios desde las alturas

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