An experience amid millenary olive trees in Canet lo Roig

Atardece en un campo de olivos milenarios
Millenary olive trees Route
Sénia Territory



An experience amid millenary olive trees in Canet lo Roig

Canet lo Roig

The Maestrazgo region in Castellón has the highest density of olive trees and, according to the latest estimates, they are over one thousand and two thousand years old. Stunning! We will walk along the path that surrounds the oldest olive trees in the area and, at the same time, explain the most striking features of the native culture and landscape. We will go into the countryside to embrace, smell and feel the pulse of these ancient trees. Through our narratives, you will learn about the individual stories of several trees, there are even some that have been featured in films!


-A natural and cultural guide/interpreter for the millenary olive tree tour in Canet lo Roig.
-A guided tour of the royal sanctuary Fuente de la Salud (Traiguera).
-Light snack prepared with local products.
-A guided tasting of millenary olive oils.
-A visit to a local winery and tasting of local wines.
-A high-quality photographic report.
-Accident and civil liability insurance.


-The route on foot has a very low level of difficulty (approx. 6 km, which can be adapted and changed).
-Minimum group of 10 people with the price quoted here.
-Does not include transportation or food. Contact us if you have a large group.
-Languages: Catalan, Valencian, Spanish and English.

32€ per person All day (4 hours for the route)

SEASON:  All year round. Summer afternoons.

Telephone: 611 49 60 58

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Experiencia en los olivos milenarios de Canet lo Roig

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